Fox goes full revival, orders ‘Prison Break’ series and ’24’ pilot

Fox loves its revivals. With a new season of “The X-Files” about to start and “24” getting a similarly limited season in 2014, the network announced that it's going to bring back “Prison Break” as an “escapist event series.” “24” might be coming back, too, but it'll look a little different.

We've known that both shows were in the works for a while, but this makes things officially official. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will reprise their roles (which means the show might have some explaining to do on how Miller's character is still among the living), apparently having figured out a way to fit it into their busy “Legends of Tomorrow” schedules. The original producing team will be back as well. Fox isn't saying how many episodes we'll get, but last August the network said it would be 10. No word yet on when it'll air.

As for “24,” Fox has ordered a pilot for “24: Legacy,” which it's billing as a “new series installment.” Gone is Kiefer Sutherland, as this will have an “all-new cast of characters,” including a “military hero” who needs CTU's help upon his return to the United States. If it does make it to series, let's hope it fares better than “Heroes Reborn.”