Exclusive: A half-dragon fighting an Aztec king is just another day in MORTAL KOMBAT X


DC Entertainment

After Kotal Kahn sent Goro home – minus his arms – it was only a matter of time before King Gorbak rose to avenge his son. The hope was that King Gorbak would reject his disfigured heir. But Kotal even acknowledged he made a tactical error in carrying out such reckless vengeance. For all father”s love their sons.

Now, in Chapter 18 of MORTAL KOMBAT X, the repercussions of Kotal Kahn”s choices are staring him in the face. And they brought swords.

Image Credit: DC Comics.

After the jump, get an exclusive sneak preview at MORTAL KOMBAT X – Chapter 18. The digital first issue will be available for download on May 3, 2015.

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