Fifth Harmony’s ‘Sledgehammer’ is a Demi Lovato song with five girls instead

10.29.14 3 years ago

Do you like Demi Lovato? Then you'll love Fifth Harmony's “Sledgehammer.”

The former has spent her last Top 40 singles singing about matters of the heart — literally. Her human heart has been the center of “Really Don't Care,” “Neon Lights,” “Heart Attack” and “Give Your Heart a Break.” Really. Listen to the lyrics. Demi Lovato loves singing about hearts just as much as Mumford & Sons does.

Falling in love is basically a death sentence to the singer, but she couches it with huge, crowd-pleasing dance beats and liberally applying kindly '90s boy band synths and an occasional dash of acoustic or live instruments. Her vocals never fail nor cease to soar on choruses, which is precisely why you may or may not like Demi Lovato: her heart is bursting and she needs you to hear about it.

Singing quintet Fifth Harmony follows exactly this formula, only with five girls I guess? If the crew were to splinter right now, Camila Cabello would be the one to continue on, having the strongest and most character-heavy voice, and it sounds like she's the one who's all over this “Sledgehammer” (“slaydge-hamma”) recording.

“Sledgehammer” is on Fifth Harmony's new album “Reflection,” out on Dec. 16. The song is the follow-up single to “BO$$” which did its damndest to make an impact on radio this summer.

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