Good news AND an exclusive look: LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN lives on!


It”s no secret around here that LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN by Renae DeLiz and Ray Dillon is one of my favorite Wonder Woman runs. I”ve championed their take since the very beginning and was devastated when DeLiz took to Twitter to announce things looked dire for LOWW getting picked up for a second run. It was especially upsetting since DeLiz is currently the only woman writing for Princess Diana.

But then something miraculous happened. DC Comics came in at the last minute with a Hail Mary pass to save the series. LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN lives! Renae DeLiz just took to social media with the announcement:

To celebrate, HitFix Harpy got an exclusive sneak peek at the next issue of LOWW. The second to last chapter in the saga – Chapter 26 – goes on sale tomorrow. The issue sees Wonder Woman battling a one of her biggest foes yet.

“As Diana tries to keep the Titan from destroying the families in the battle zone, she calls upon the magic of Gaia.”

Image Credit: DC Comics

One of my favorite parts about this Wonder Woman run is that DeLiz and Dillon don”t shy away from Diana”s roots in Greek mythology. Magic is just another tool in the arsenal, not an aspect to downplay or ignore. If you”ve been waiting to pick up LOWW, now is your chance to get on board before the new(!) arc begins.

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