Watch: Green Day unveils album cover for ‘¡Uno!’

06.14.12 6 years ago

As you know, Green Day plans to drop three albums between September and January. Today, we got the cover art for “Uno,”  the first release in the trilogy.

The below trailer doesn”t give away much, but at least we get to hear a little music, which is more than we got to hear in this other teaser when the trio talked about the trio of sets and run down their past album titles.  Green Day has also announced that one of its few 2012 live dates will be at New Orleans’ Voodoo Music Experience in October.

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We”re not sure what the song is the band is playing in the trailer, but it has a fun, Spaghetti Western feel to it that veers a little off center from the band”s usual pop punk. Plus, there’s one shot that reveals a number of titles, including the already revealed “Carpe Diem.” We”re all for any song called “It’s F*** Time,” or “Crushing Bastard.” 

“Uno!” drops Sept. 25, “Dos!” on Nov. 13 and “Tre!” on Jan. 15. The trio has been recording the tracks in Oakland, Calif. with longtime producer Rob Cavallo.

We’re excited to hear the new music, but one person who probably isn’t? John Lydon, who discussed his feelings about Green Day in this interview with Katie Hasty.

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