Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora battle James Marsden in ‘Black Widow’ music video

08.14.14 3 years ago

Iggy Azalea played up your “Clueless” nostalgia with her “Fancy” video earlier this year, and now she's stabbing you in the gut with “Black Widow” feat. Rita Ora, channeling “Kill Bill.”

Yup, she and Ora grab katanas, with James Marsden topping both of their Kill lists, as they ride cycles, wield badassery and play poker in zip-up catsuits. Close… but not enough to warrant a Tarantino lawsuit. It was co-directed by Azalea and Director X — the latter of whom may help explain that T.I. cameo.

The dual nature of wreaking havoc after a diner encounter may ring the Beyonce and Lady Gaga “Telephone” line, but another rival may also be paying attention to that samurai swagger. Nicki Minaj wagged her own weapons in her “Your Love” (remember that one?) video in 2010. I think Nicki did it better. Though none can compare to Big Wanda.

“Black Widow” is off of Azalea's “The New Classic.” She and Ora will perform the song during the MTV VMAs on Aug. 24.

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