Katy Perry Is Secretly Comic Book Character Katy Keene, Now It All Makes Sense

04.28.14 36 Comments

UPDATE 8/12/14: Katy Perry issued a statement via Rolling Stone to deny allegations that she is – in fact – fictional character Katy Keene brought to life via some sort of 1990s techno-magic.

“I'm not a comic! But what freaked me out about it is, we looked into it, and it turned out she has a sister who's a redhead. And my sister is a redhead!” exclaimed Perry. 

She went on to warn everyone not too look to deep into it. Off-the-cuff remark or veiled threat to those willing to expose her true self? You be the judge!


Katy Perry has never been one for conventional fashion. Whether channeling a psychedelic with a latex fetish or finding new and exciting ways to sexualize candy, Perry's style is never boring. In fact, one might go so far as to classify her fashion as cartoon's idea of how humans dress. Which might be exactly what she is. 

Back in 1945 Archie Comics created Katy Keene, the Fashion Queen. With two, three, and sometimes four girls inexplicably fighting over the titular character of Archie, Keene was shelved in the late 80s due to over-saturation of the fawning teenage girl market. Busted out for only a handful of specials and annuals over the next decades, what was an ambitious model/singer/actress like Keene to do? Certainly not languish in the bowels of Archie, waiting for second-tier contenders like Sabrina and Cheryl to retire from the chase. So clearly she packed her wardrobe up, changed her last name to Perry, and traded in Riverdale for Hollywood, as evidenced by these uncanny side-by-side comparisons.

#1 – The polka dots become hearts and she – sadly – lost her painter's hat in the transition. Surely one of Gaga's designers could fashion a replacement?

#2 – Once the Queen of Hearts, always the Queen of Hearts. Again though, Keene/Perry needs to step up her fascinator game now that she's part of the real world.

#3 – What ageless pin-up model worth her salt would travel between dimensions without her trusty grass skirt? Always a classic look.

#4 – Hair with that much volume is unattainable by mere mortal humans. Only anime characters and fashion icons have the fortitude to carry such a heavy load on slender necks.

#5 – Like a beautiful butterfly nestled in a cocoon, Keene/Perry bursts forth. In a savvy move, she traded in controversial ermine for a sparkling nude body suit to accentuate the vulnerability of fame…obviously.

#6 – Always prepared for anything, she even brought her favorite Mrs. Claus outfit. Damn shame about those cute boots getting sucked into the time vortex at the last minute. But that's the risk when you bring more than one carry-on through the dimensional rift.

#7 – Being the Queen of the Nile can also lead to being the Queen of Denial when it comes to convincing yourself dip-dying a Halloween costume in a pique of creative folly was a good idea.

#8 – There is never a bad time to pull out a rubber mermaid suit. Clearly Keene/Perry knows quality craftsmanship when she sees it and was loathe to leave such a treasure behind.

#9 – A repurposed table cloth once became a fashionable cape before being re-repurposed into a shawl. Even the flower survived the transition unscathed. Amazing!

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