Louis CK tells Letterman: ‘The fact that you’re leaving really sucks balls’

05.01.14 3 years ago

Louis CK tells Letterman: “The fact that you”re leaving really sucks balls”
Letterman then noted that Louis CK just made history: “Louis, no one on this program, either over at NBC or here, has ever used the expression ‘sucks balls,'” said Dave.

“Glee”s” Naya Rivera dropped by her record label
Columbia Records has dumped the “Glee” star amid reports that she has been let go from the Fox drama. UPDATE: Rivera's rep denies she was dropped by her record label.

“The Big Bang Theory” shocker, explained
For tonight”s episode, producers had to give a “quick primer” on “Star Wars.”

Study: Most “HIMYM” viewers had a positive reaction to the series finale
Data analysis of Twitter users found that the negative reaction to the finale was overblown.

Jon Hamm has trouble with the “weird names” on “Game of Thrones,” says he”s watching “Mad Men” alone on DVR
Hamm tells Bill Simmons he sometimes struggles to keep up with his HBO timeslot competitor because of all the “weird names.” Hamm also says he gets to watch the “Mad Men” episodes when everybody else does. But since his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt is in New York, he”s watching this season alone. Hamm also says “it makes sense” that “Mad Men”s” viewership has dwindled down to its “hardcore” fans, saying it”s like the reverse of what happened to “Breaking Bad.”

Netflix”s lack of viewership data throws a wrench into negotiations
How do cast members negotiate for a raise if they don”t know how many people are actually watching?

“Vikings” creator likens “Game of Thrones” to “soft porn”
“'Game of Thrones' is a very, very different show,” says Michael Hirst. “It is a fantasy show, and it has a lot of things which are very appealing to an audience. It is soft porn, and it has a lot of gratuitous stuff in it, but it”s still very well-written and I don”t – you know, I don”t watch it because I don”t ever want to be accused of being influenced by it.”

Why not pick Anna Kendrick to replace Anna Kendrick?
CBS could really shake up late-night with somebody as multi-talented as Kendrick.

“House of Cards” is a good show to binge on while folding laundry, but don”t give it your full attention
Because the Netflix series reveals its flaws when you approach it as a critical viewer. PLUS: Watch a preview of “House of Cards” on “The Writers” Room.”

MTV launching a PSA to address race, gender, LGBT issues
Check out the new “Look Different” campaign.

David Spade credits “Just Shoot Me” for much of his success
“If I didn't have 'Just Shoot Me,' I wouldn't have had a lot of stuff,” Spade writes in a Reddit AMA. “I would have never gotten a cover of Rolling Stone, I never would have gotten the house I had, and I got to work with fun people and do a show that I was proud of.” PLUS: Spade questions Stephen Colbert”s move to CBS, and Jimmy Fallon gets Spade to talk about his first appearance with Johnny Carson.

Edward James Olmos criticizes Jennifer Lopez for not dedicating herself to her culture
“She”s done a lot of things but she hasn”t dedicated herself to her culture, and that”s very important to me,” says Olmos, who worked with J.Lo on the 1997 Selena movie.

“Downton Abbey” star to record an album of poetry devoted to World War I
Jim Carter and his wife are working on “Centenary: Words & Music Of The Great War.”

“Chrisley Knows Best” star wanted for allegedly attacking his baby mama
Police say Kyle Chrisley assaulted his baby mama and threatened her sister with a knife.

VH1 will live-stream 24 bands competing in a 25-hour battle of the bands competition
“Make a Band Famous” will give the last band standing a recording contract.

Tia Mowry files lawsuit involving her $108,000 Twitter deal
The “Instant Mom” star claims her agent took most of the money she was set to receive for tweeting sponsored tweets.

TV writers tell how “Hill Street Blues” influenced them
“'Hill Street Blues' was the first TV show that I perceived as being 'good' in terms of quality, not just entertainment,” says “Bones” creator Hart Hanson.

Donald Sterling yells at George Costanza
Check out this “Seinfeld” mashup created by Adult Swim.

“SNL”s” Stefon is seemingly inspiring writers of NYC nightlife
Recent reviews have been “curiously Stefon-y.”

It”s “The Mindy Project” drinking game
Take a sip if someone mentions a rom-com.

Andy Daly: Every “Review” assignment Forrest MacNeil gets is full of hope
“There”s always reason to think that something might finally break his way,” he says.

Check out AMC”s ’80s-themed “Halt and Catch Fire” poster
“The Battle for CTRL Begins.”

The Oregonian critiques “Portlandia”
The Portland-based newspaper didn”t love the “gutter-punk” sketch, but did approve the “Celery” episode.

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