Randy Jackson’s ‘American Idol’ exit is long overdue

11.11.14 3 years ago


Randy Jackson”s “American Idol” exit is long overdue
Jackson, who left “Idol” last year as a judge only to be brought back as a mentor, is finally leaving the show entirely after 13 seasons. As the replacement for Jimmy Iovine, though, “Jackson”s mentoring tenure was an unmitigated debacle,” as Michael Slezak put it. Slezak interviewed last season”s contestants, and couldn”t find any examples of Jackson”s mentorship actually working. “Jackson”s failure to roll up his sleeves and challenge contestants” willingness to go outside their comfort zones was especially problematic given Season 13″s emphasis on inexperienced, diamond-in-the-rough vocalists,” Slezak adds, pointing to contestants like Sam Woolf, MK Nobilette, Malaya Watson and C.J Harris.

Conan O”Brien transforms into a long-haired “Sons of Anarchy” biker
Watch Conan don facial hair and a fake tattoo for tonight”s “SOA”-themed “Conan.”

Introducing the “Too Many Cooks” flow chart
Visual artist John Hogan has created a flow chart that links the Adult Swim viral sensation to everything from “ALF” to the 2012 Republican National Convention. PLUS: Check out the 8-bit “Too Many Cooks,” what “Too Many Cooks” tells us about the resiliency of patriarchy, and “The Killer” is now a hit with his nephews – but not his wife.

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Jon Stewart won”t miss the “Stephen Colbert” from “The Colbert Report”
“That”s not usually the one I talk to on the phone, so I”m OK,” says “The Daily Show” host. “As long as I still get to talk to the regular one, my life doesn”t change a whole lot.” PLUS: Sean Hannity fires back at Stewart for calling him “loathsome” — he “has his head so far up Obama's ass he cannot see clearly.”

Andy Cohen had Lady Gaga”s urine from her “Watch What Happens Live” visit turned to perfume
Cohen tells Howard Stern that he hold his assistant when Gaga visited, “Get that (urine) and put it inside a fancy bottle and we”ll have Gaga”s pee … That”s a great piece of pop culture.” PLUS: Cohen visits Reddit, talks about the 22-seat clubhouse and remaining calm amid “Housewives” reunions.

“Sons of Anarchy” is being ruined by “excruciatingly long episodes”
Kurt Sutter should”ve hired a good editor to rein him in from those super-sized episodes that have become a staple of his FX series.

Fox demotes “Mulaney,” swapping it with “Bob”s Burgers”
The struggling freshman comedy has been moved to 7:30 pm, while “Bob”s Burgers” will go to 9:30. Because of NFL scheduling, however, “Mulaney,” won”t return until Nov. 23.

Chicago Bears fans are harassing Kristin Cavallari because of her husband
The former “Hills” star posted some tailgating recipes on Instagram, a day after her hubby Jay Cutler disastrous showing vs. the Packers.

Pedro Zamora from “The Real World: San Francisco” died 20 years ago today
The HIV-positive housemate passed away one week after his season”s final episode and a few months after taping ended. To mark the anniversary, Judd Winnick recalled his fellow housemate. “The world lost a hero. His family lost more,” he wrote on Facebook.

John Oliver”s “Last Week Tonight” has become superior to “The Daily Show”
“Last Week Tonight,” says Matt Zoller Seitz, “is doing what media watchdogs (including the Peabody Awards) keep saying that 'The Daily Show' does – practicing real journalism in comedy form – but it's doing it better, and in a simpler, yet more ambitious, ultimately more useful way. If Stewart's show is doing what might be called a reported feature, augmenting opinions with facts, Oliver's show is doing something closer to pure reporting, or what the era of web journalism calls an ‘explainer,' often without a hook, or the barest wisp of a hook.”

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” has Bravo's best-ever season premiere
About 3.83 million tuned in, up 20% over last year”s premiere.

“Parenthood”s” Sam Jaeger tweeted a pic of the final page of the final script
“Wow. Wow. Wow” was his response to the “END OF SERIES” script. PLUS: The Joel and Julia storyline will be resolved before the end.

Sharon Osbourne talks about “The Osbournes” revival on “The Talk,” but no word on where it”ll air
“It's not as much coming back as (it is) a proper series as an update,” Osbourne said on today”s show. “At most there will be only six to eight episodes and it's a catch-up on our lives and where we are now, because  it's been so long (since) we've been seen as a family, and our family has grown.”

22 fan fave TV characters who came late to their shows
From “Seinfeld”s” Puddy to “Cheers”” Rebecca Howe.

Amazon”s “The New Yorker” pilot promises to bring the acclaimed magazine to life
“The New Yorker Presents” is listed as a docu-series from Alex Gibney, considered one of “the most important documentarian of our time.”

“Dancing” reunites “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” stars with Alfonso Ribeiro
“Carlton”s” TV family joining him Monday included Karyn Parsons, Tatyana Ali and “butler” Joseph Marcell.

Why you should give “Selfie” another chance despite its cancelation
The ABC comedy really did become a much-improved show over the past few episodes.

“Gotham”s” Alfred reveals “a big Easter egg” from Monday”s episode
Actor Sean Pertwee says his character is “damaged goods himself.”

Beck Bennett recalls his “SNL” audition
He came in with three impressions – Tobey Maguire, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Christoph Waltz – plus Baby Boss.

Rocky Carroll to make his directorial debut on “NCIS”
Details on the “NCIS” star's upcoming episode are being kept under wraps. PLUS: Check out Jamie Bamber on “NCIS.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”s” Chelsea Peretti recalls crushing on Andy Samberg in elementary school
Peretti, who”s now dating Jordan Peele from “Key & Peele,” went to elementary school with Samberg in Oakland.

George R.R. Martin responds to Turkey banning “Game of Thrones” from military schools
“It appears that GAME OF THRONES has been corrupting the morals of the Turkish military…Who knew?” he wrote on his LiveJournal page, after Turkish Armed Forces cited the HBO series in its ban protecting students from “sexual exploitation, pornography, exhibitionism, abuse, harassment and all negative behaviors.” PLUS: Martin likes to think about “Boardwalk Empire” vs. “Downton Abbey” both being set at the same time.

How to fix “Sleepy Hollow”
Step 1. “Solve the Katrina Problem.” Step 2: “Get the band back together.” Step 3: “Stop murdering everyone”!

Millennials could make TVs extinct
Generation Y, especially those still in college, rarely view TV on TV, choosing instead to watch television programming on their computers or mobile devices.

Allison Williams blames her “college weight” for her different looks on “Girls”
Williams says she was just out of college when she filmed the “Girls” pilot, and thus looked curvier. But she says her skinnier frame is how she “naturally” looks.

Breckin Meyer reacts to cancelation: “Will someone at least tell me if I was Franklin or Bash!?”
Meyer also tweets to Mark-Paul Gosselaar: “You may now finally step off my coattails.”

Bryan Cranston narrates the “You Have to (Bleeping) Eat”
It”s the audiobook sequel to the Samuel L. Jackson-narrated “Go the (Bleep) to Sleep.”

Does the clothing hold clues to “The Affair”?
Costume designer Caroline Duncan says: “”We set up rules to decide how two people would remember things differently, or not very differently, and what the rules would be in terms of how that affected the wardrobe.”

Melissa Gilbert recalls being 15 on “Little House” and kissing a 23-year-old man
She says of her future TV husband Dean Butler: “I was kissing a man who had to shave that morning, and I hadn”t even ever shaved my legs. It”s bizarre. I mean, he was a grown-up person with a car. He golfed!”

Amy Jo Johnson reprised her Pink Power Ranger character on the streets of Toronto
She performed in her pink outfit to help fund her upcoming film “The Space Between.”

Watch the 1956 pilot for “The Orson Welles Show”
A decade and a half after “Citizen Kane,” Welles tried to tackle the small screen.

Here are 12 cartoons from the ’80s no one will ever have nostalgia for
Remember “Kissyfur”? How about “Rude Dog and the Dweebs”?

Did Letterman make a half-hearted attempt to hire female writers?
“The Late Show”s” head writer insists “we have tried” to hire more females as writers (they currently have only one), but the show doesn”t receive enough submissions from women. PLUS: Writer Bill Scheft recalls being attacked by the cue card guy.

“The Blacklist” creator answers burning questions
Is Red Lizzie”s father? Is there an endgame?

Watch “Justified”s” fiery new final season teaser
“Three on a match.”

Adrianne Palicki: “I”m still a little hurt from the whole 'Wonder Woman' thing”
In joining “Marvel”s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” as Mockingbird, Palicki says she was worried about being part of another comic book project, especially after the failed David E. Kelley pilot she made for NBC in 2011.

“Marvel”s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 1 hits Netflix on Nov. 20
Streaming for last season”s episodes will be available for U.S. subscribers.

“Zoboomafoo” lemur Jovian dies is dead at age 20
Jovian played Zoboo on the 1999-2001 nature series.

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