‘The X Factor’ will finally shift its focus from the judges to the singers

09.06.13 4 years ago

“The X Factor” will finally shift its focus from the judges to the singers
As Simon Cowell says, “The whole purpose of making the show is to find a star.”

Screech booted out of “Celebrity Big Brother”
Watch Dustin Diamond’s best bits from the house.

Gregg German joins Alicia Silverstone on Lifetime’s “HR”

The “Ally McBeal” alum will play her boss.

Thorough research is key to making “Breaking Bad” so riveting
The AMC series has at its disposal an “army of consultants” — experts in chemistry, the DEA, hazardous waste disposal and cancer. PLUS: Writers considered burning down the house, what if Walt Jr. had an Instagram account?, 21-year-old RJ Mitte was 14 when he began filming, what Betsy Brandt stole from the set, and cast members talk about their most challenging scenes.

“Scandal” costume designer: We’re influencing fashion designers

Olivia Pope’s gloves have become all the rage.

“SNL’s” Da Bears make a comeback for an Aaron Rodgers commercial
Check out Robert Smigel and George Wendt’s ad for State Farm.

Paul Scheer explains the “genius” of Arsenio Hall
“I feel like he’s the closest we have to a Johnny Carson,” says “The League” star.

“Suits”: An appreciation
The USA legal drama has, says Maureen Ryan, what’s often missing from TV dramas these days: “characters who, generally speaking, enjoy their lives and derive pleasure from their accomplishments.”

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” will try to pull off the “hardest trick in television”
Can it combine Marvel’s male audience with ABC’s female-centric viewership?

Women on Lifetime: Why do they have the same kinds of careers?
Here are eight cliche careers, from nannies with ulterior motives to dirty teachers.

What if “It’s Always Sunny” had a “Cheers”-style opening?
Check out the opening credits done in the style of the classic NBC sitcom.

Enough with TV’s Canadian-shot “ambiguous cities”!
Shows like “Orphan Black” refuse to offer a clue of what country they are set in.

How will “Grey’s Anatomy” survive Sandra Oh’s exit?

After all, Cristina Yang has been the backbone for the series.

“Boardwalk Empire” returns as good as ever but still indulgent
As Hank Stuever notes, “We have to take the good things about ‘Boardwalk Empire’ (the acting, the authenticity in its exquisite details and most of the writing) along with the bad (the repetitiveness, the plodding).” PLUS: “Boardwalk” is “Wire”-like in being a novel for TV, Season 4 is bloodier than ever, meet the new cast members, and how an Englishman transforms into Al Capone.

NFL teams reimagined as a “Game of Thrones” houses
Check out siglis for all 32 teams.

Dr. Seuss meets “The Walking Dead”
Presenting “The Seussing Dead.” PLUS: Watch the latest “Walking Dead” teaser.

PBS’ “Last Tango in Halifax” tells of a late-life romance
The British drama, debuting Sunday, was so acclaimed it won the best drama award at the British version of the Emmys.

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