Will ‘True Detective 2’ Star Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen?

03.11.14 4 years ago

Look, even if you didn't even see the “True Detective” finale, there's plenty to admire about Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen's new parody of the grim HBO series that's ushering in a great McConaissance. First of all, it's funny. Second, it features entire verses of '80s ballads. Third, the name Diane Warren is mentioned. The name Diane Warren should fill you with endorphins, and if it doesn't, you are clearly not familiar enough with Faith Hill's “There You'll Be” from the “Pearl Harbor” soundtrack

I actually wonder if Jimmy Kimmel could be a serious actor. He doesn't ever break character, and he can look pretty serious while saying ludicrous dialogue. I wouldn't have hated if he played Louis C.K.'s part in “American Hustle,” actually. 

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