Here’s another R. Kelly video, for ‘It’s On’

05.10.12 5 years ago

The premise for R. Kelly’s last music video “Share My Love” is essentially: Kels is surrounded by girls with big boobs and small waists in evening dresses and everybody’s super impressed. This time, for “It’s On” featuring DJ Khaled and Ace Hood, it’s about the same, only the girls are strippers.

I know this is challenging stuff. I hope your shoes are tied.

In one of the most boring refrains ever uttered by the otherworldly Kelly, the R&B singer tells us it’s “on on on on on on on on on.” He then bottles that boredom, and saves it for when a particularly lovely lady’s ass is hanging all over his face and he kinda spaces out like, “Oh, her?, it’s like whatever.” Alcohol music is right.

The best part is when Khaled reminds the listener at the very end that he cooked this beat by poking his silly face into the frame for about 10 milliseconds.

Also, can this be another opportunity for us to discuss abolishing the “roll down the window” dance move, particularly from artists who wouldn’t be caught dead without power windows?

“It’s On” is a tune for “Black Panties,” another album that’s apparently due from R. Kelly this year. Disco-lovin’ “Share My Love” is for “Write Me Back.” Both are supposed to be out this year.

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