Watch Fiona Apple’s unsettling ‘Every Single Night’ video: Stream album in full

06.11.12 6 years ago

As I mentioned in my review of Fiona Apple’s show at SXSW this year, part of her beauty is her ability to tread that line of perfect sanity and snapping into brambles of a nervous breakdown. Her single “Every Single Night” — with its close-proximity vocal recording and its war-cry chorus — has the same appeal.

And now its music video does too. Poor Fiona is half-consumed by a octopus and needs lay down with the buffalo-headed man every single night. She is followed and afraid at points, and then utterly alone at others, weaving those spindly arms through one bizarre nocturnal rite after another. The snails are cute… her rolling around in them is not.

“Every Single Night” is off of Apple’s new album “The Idler Wheel…” (full, long title here), due on June 19. NPR got dibs on a full album stream a week ahead of time, you can hear it now.

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