Watch: Lil Wayne channels ‘Inception’ for music video to ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’

03.03.11 7 years ago

AP Photo

Lil’ Kim can accuse Lil Wayne and his Young Money crew of being a big bunch of weirdos, but at least they’re entertaining.

Tunechi has unleashed his clip to his Harry Belafonte-sampling single “6 Foot 7 foot,” and it’s torn a couple pages from Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster “Inception.” Besides that an a prominent product placement, it’s mostly hot girls in shiny dresses, a plate of lasagna, a female dog, an invisi-podium, Weezy and Cory Gunz clones and a candy apple.

It’s fun to see Gunz put his up.

The music video was helmed by a very busy Hype Williams, who directed last week’s Kanye West “All of the Lights” featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi.

“6 Foot 7 Foot” will be on “Tha Carter 4,” which will apparently drop this spring sometime. When will they get around to it?

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