Watch: Tori Amos sees something you can’t in ‘Carry’ clip

08.18.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Tori Amos”s “Night of Hunters” has just spawned its first video: today, the singer released “Carry,”  the clip for the opening single from the Deutsche Grammophone set out Sept. 20.

The album features Amos, who sounds her most Kate Bush-like here, drawing from such composers as Chopin and Granados to tell a modern love story.

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The wistful song is a lovely tune about how people never really leave us and how we never forget them. The appropriately haunting clip, which combines performance with gorgeous landscapes and graveyards,  is a little strange in that as Amos plays the piano, she looks to her right as if she”s singing to someone. It”s not to us viewers because she”s looking off camera much of the time. Maybe she”s singing to one of the spirits she”s singing about.  I learned a very long time ago that trying to figure out Amos is a fruitless pursuit, and that it”s best to just enjoy her.  Does anyone know if it”s her daughter in the video?

 By the way, if you share the video to your Facebook page, it will unlock another track from the album, “Shattering Sea.”

As we previously reported, Amos starts a U.S. tour in Atlanta on Nov. 29.

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