Things You Didn’t Know About The Stoner Classic ‘Friday’

04.24.15 2 years ago 38 Comments
Friday Damn

New Line Cinema


It’s been an entire two decades since Friday, the stoner flick with a heart of gold, hit theaters. You may remember it as the film that launched the acting and writing/producing career of Ice Cube.

The classic still holds up well today. You may have seen it a million times, but there’s probably some stuff about Friday you probably don’t know….

Joi's boyfriend friday

New Line Cinema

1. Craig’s girlfriend Joi had a man in the bed with her when she called him.

Joi sucked as a girlfriend. We all know this, but some don’t realize just how terrible she was. In one of those “you have to be told to actually notice” moments, Joi has some guy sleeping next to her when she calls Craig to chew him out about going to the movies.

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