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Ed Helms And Reggie Watts Make Beautiful Music, Ultrarealistic Sound Effects Together

By 07.23.12

We’ve been fans of the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show since the beginning, particularly the “Reggie Makes Music” series in which Reggie Watts and the guest star improvise a song together. First there was Jon Hamm’s rap freestyle about Taxi. Then we watched Micheal Cera and Watts’ tribute to friendship and pie. Then there was Casey Wilson’s impromptu lyrics about crazy love (with the emphasis on crazy). And no list like this would be complete without some mandatory Paul Rudd. No anything would be complete without some Paul Rudd.

Now Ed Helms has also made music with Reggie, bringing his own banjo to the party in the second video below. You know what that banjo improv needed? More sound effects. Good thing the first video below has exactly what we need. I keep re-watching it, holding a pen and paper to write down an 800 number, but they still won’t tell me how to buy what they’re selling. Here’s the deal man, I got a dark side. There’s a demon in me. And that demon needs mail-order novelty CDs. Don’t disappoint that demon, Comedy Bang! Bang!



(H/T: IFC)


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