Eminem Busted Out The Rare ‘Fack’ At Lollapalooza Brazil And The Crowd Went Berserk

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Eminem may not be a one-size-fits-all performer, but the dude has such a stockpile of hits seared into the planet’s brain that you’re kinda spoiled for choice when it comes to assembling a setlist. The 43-year-old Slim Shady conjurer pulled tons of familiar tunes out of his bag of tricks at Lollapalooza Brazil, but who could have guessed the little-loved curio “Fack” would be closing out the show?

Yup, the non-hit from Em’s 2005 greatest hits comp Curtain Call was placed on display in Sao Paulo and the crowd went cuckoocakes bananas bonkers over its appearance. (Considering the song’s reputation as a dud in the Eminem catalogue, it’s even more of a surprise.)  If Setlist.fm and Marshall Mathers historians are anything to go by, this marks this first-ever occasion the track has been busted out at a live show. A snippet of the performance was captured by Shady Records co-founder Paul Rosenberg and we’ve lateraled it along to you at the top of the post. Here’s a sliver of fan footage if you want the crowd POV.

If you follow Eminem on Facebook (maybe to see how Bizarre’s doing these days), you were tipped off to “Fack” appearing on the setlist ahead of time. Granted, fans/Stans might not have taken its appearance seriously at the time, but now we know he wasn’t fooling.

(via Complex)

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