The Music Of ‘Empire’: A Rap Battle Champ Is Chosen In ‘My Bad Parts’

11.19.15 2 years ago 2 Comments


Image Via FOX

Another episode of Empire, another recap. Obviously, the big moment of “My Bad Parts” was the rap battle between Empire’s Freda Gatz and Lyon Dynasty’s Hakeem Lyon. But a couple of other things happened, too, so let’s get into all of it.

The Empire Banger

Obviously, it’s Jamal’s “Ready to Go,” a near flawless blend of turn-up EDM and head-bobbing R&B. Seeing him bring the musical minds of Cookie and Lucious together gave us a glimpse into what will hopefully be many more standout tracks from the main face of Empire. With “Ready to Go,” Jamal proved that he could be his own man, and craft a song that displayed his songwriting abilities better than any of his previous ones. Plus, Pepsi likes it.

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