James Corden Revealed The Original Plan For Rihanna’s 2016 Grammy Performance

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Rihanna had to abruptly pull out of her performance at the 2016 Grammys hours before her showtime, but diehard Navy members don’t have to fantasize about what might have been thanks to James Corden. The Late Late Show host revealed the original plans for Rihanna’s performance during a monologue on his show following the awards ceremony.

Apparently, Rihanna was set to perform in the midst of an ’80s talk-show set, with Corden as the host.

“Rihanna’s got this big thing planned for her song ‘Kiss It Better’ and she’s doing a whole ’80s talk-show thing…And what she wants you to do is be like an ’80s talk-show host with funny glasses and maybe like a cigarette and I’d introduce Rihanna and she’d come out and do her song and then at the end she’d come and sit with me. Like it was its own talk show.”

Corden was fully committed to the bit, getting measured for a cheesy suit and everything. It wasn’t until he arrived at the show that he realized he wouldn’t be going on. Corden said the bad news looked like his moment to shine.

“I hear what you’re saying. Yes, I’ll fill the spot. Luckily, I’d just had a wax,” he joked, before producers told him that the bit was cut entirely.

Corden was sad about his part of the show being cut until LL Cool J swooped in to save the day, offering Corden the chance to help introduce the tribute to Lionel Richie.

Turns out Bieber and Corden’s LL fandom comes from a genuine place.

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