President Obama Denounces Trump’s Lewd Comments As Proof Of His ‘Insecure’ Nature And Inability To Lead

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President Obama addressed Donald Trump's 'disturbing' comments #Election2016

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After Donald Trump’s gross comments caught on a hot mic were released this week by The Washington Post, responses condemning the tape have been coming from all corners of both parties. Republican leaders who have stuck with Trump throughout his entire mess of a campaign are deciding this was the final straw and rescinding their support. Trump’s own campaign manager is going on three days of being completely MIA on the campaign trail.

Now President Obama is chiming in, and you can always count on Barry O to lay everything in on the table with honesty. In his statement, Obama wouldn’t even repeat the comments and rhetoric coming out of the Republican Party saying that “there are children in the room.” The President also pointed out that Trump’s inappropriate comments prove that he is “insecure” and that it is a “not a character trait I would advise for someone in the Oval Office.”

If it wasn’t obvious that Obama was ardently against Trump as a candidate before, he certainly made it blatantly clear with this response. See Obama’s full comments on the situation below and place your bets on how many days it will be before Trump comments on Obama’s opinion of him. It could come as soon as Sunday night’s debate if Trump is up to insulting the President on a national stage. Oh wait, he’s done that many times before.

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