Once upon a time in Dillon, TX… Got any ‘Friday Night Lights’ finale podcast questions?

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02.02.11 23 Comments


In case you didn’t get to the end of this week’s Firewall & Iceberg Podcast yet,or if you don’t listen to the podcast in general but are a fan of “Friday Night Lights,” Dan and I at the end said our intention is to publish a special bonus podcast next Thursday, the morning after the “FNL” series finale, in which we break down the finale and talk at length about the series in general.

(And, yes, this will spoil the hell out of both the finale and of season 5, so if you’re waiting for either the NBC run or the DVD release, just save the podcast to listen to later. As with the individual “FNL” episode reviews, I’ll bump up the time and date on that particular post after the finale airs on NBC.)

Dan and I have both seen the finale, and we have some idea of other topics we’d like to discuss, but this sort of thing has so many potential topics that we thought we’d solicit some outside feedback to help give the thing some shape. So if there are specific areas of these 5 seasons you’d like discussed, or questions you want answered, please e-mail us at sepinwall@hitfix.com AND dan@hitfix.com, and please use “FNL podcast” as your subject line so we can filter (though if I’ve done the e-mail link right, it’ll do that for you already), and we’ll try to incorporate the best ones into our discussion.

Because we’ve already seen the finale, and because our schedules may be freer this week than next, there’s a chance we might try to record this within the next few days, so get those e-mails in sooner rather than later.

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