Review: ‘Enlisted’ – ‘Prank War’

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06.01.14 10 Comments


“Enlisted” returned to television tonight, and I have a quick review of the latest episode coming up just as soon as I cover my junk with excuses…

“Prank War” was, at one time, scheduled to air as the third episode of the series, even though “Pete's Airstream” was designed to air third before FOX started getting cold feet about running a (relatively) serious episode so early. Then the positive reviews – many of them specifically praising “Pete's Airstream” – started flooding in, FOX had a change of heart (one of many when it came to this show and its scheduling), ran “Pete's Airstream,” and for some reason put “Prank War” in limbo, rather than airing it soon after.

So I've been waiting a very long time to discuss the matter of Derrick's mustache, made of hair “shorn from my brother's pubis” – and about what a funny word “pubis” is in any context, but especially this one – and Pete turning into Crazy Winston from “New Girl” when it comes to pranking (a field he somehow believes is led by Wile E. Coyote), Gumble walking into a plastic-wrapped door, and Jill convincingly trouncing all three brothers, even taking advantage of their mistake about her late boyfriend Steve in the process. It's among the funniest episodes of the show, and if it had to wait to air until after FOX canceled it(*), at least it finally did air.

(*) I don't want to raise a ton of hope about the idea of “Enlisted” rising from the dead, because it so rarely happens, but it sounds like at the very least, the studio is exploring the possibility of it going elsewhere.

We'll see if I have time to write about the remaining three episodes, but as for “Prank War,” what did everybody else think?

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