‘True Blood’ – ‘Fresh Blood’: Go into the light!

Senior Television Writer
08.30.10 35 Comments


Watching and writing about the Emmys took precedence over other Sunday night TV, including “True Blood.” So for once, Leslie Gornstein’s “Fresh Blood” recap went up before I could see the episode, let alone do this usual “True Blood” open thread post.

Since HBO is, as usual, taking Labor Day weekend off, we have two weeks to wait for resolution to the various season three plots, including Eric’s big plan to take out Russell. So let me ask you guys this: 

There were a number of comments last week (and scattered throughout the season) from people who feel there have been too many unconnected storylines this season, and that the quick transitions from one to the other is robbing them all of momentum. Having seen a bunch of dominoes fall last night, does everyone still feel this way? And – not that Alan Ball is likely to change anything, since he seems happy to keep trying to service his ever-expanding cast – which stories and characters would you be fine not seeing again when the show comes back next summer? 

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