Why I miss ‘Community’: Because we’re about to return to the prime timeline

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02.23.12 21 Comments


We officially have only three of these Why I Miss “Community” posts still to go, now that NBC has announced that the show will be returning to its old timeslot on Thursday, March 15. Not sure what I’ll do for the other two yet, but the choice this week seemed obvious, as it’s both one of the most celebratory moments(*) in the entire series and one that marks a departure from the Darkest Timeline: the final scene of “Remedial Chaos Theory.”

(*) It’s not exactly a celebratory moment for Jeff, but we can view him as a stand-in for the NBC executives, who only let the study group really cut loose and have fun when they step out of the way and leave them/the show alone.

As I said in the post about the return date, I expect the show to do poorly in the ratings opposite “American Idol,” although they’re actually helped in a weird way by returning opposite March Madness, as I suspect there’s more overlap between Sheldon and Abed fans than there is between fans of North Carolina and Dean Pelton. (Dean Smith, on the other hand…)

So enjoy, talk about your feelings about the show’s return, whether you plan to do anything special for the night of the 15th, and anything else “Community”-related.

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