Conor McGregor Crashed Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Party And Things Got Rowdy

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Superstars tend to flock together, and that goes for the biggest names in the UFC as well. Recently we learned that Ronda Rousey was in a knitting club with Kat Dennings, and then there’s Conor McGregor who made friends with soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo. And now through Ronaldo, he’s making even more friends … like Jennifer Lopez. In a recent interview with The Irish Independent, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh recounts how McGregor decided to simply “tag along” with Ronaldo to Lopez’s birthday party despite not being invited.

But when you’re Conor McGregor, even J-Lo’s birthday bash ends up becoming The McGregor Show.

“We go in and J-Lo catches his eye and comes running over like a schoolgirl ‘Oh! Conor McGregor! Thank you for coming. Let’s dance!'” Kavanagh said. “She drags him to the dance floor and they start dancing and I’m like ‘Oh, here we go, just another crazy story.’ Ronaldo is there. He comes over, tells me that he reads everything (I write) and follows me on Instagram. I’m thinking wait until I tell my dad about this!”

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