Winning $1000 With FanDuel Fantasy Baseball Is Better Than Mike Trout

06.15.12 5 years ago

All right, that’s debatable. But hey, Mike Trout’s only making what, circa 400K this season? Even he could use a 998-dollar profit. Fantasy Baseball returns this week, giving you and 64 other people a chance to win money from a $1000 prize pool. All you’ve got to do to play is drop in 2 bucks. Or 6 bucks, if you want to run up to three teams. Very little bucks, is what I’m saying.

Here’s how to play:

Our fantasy game happens this Friday night (aka TONIGHT, GUY), so head on over now, sign up, draft your team and win some cash. I’ll be playing, as soon as I figure out how to draft Mike Trout 10 times. Why won’t it let me make him a pitcher? Mike Trout is probably a pretty good pitcher.

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