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Here's The First Official Image Of Matt Ryan as John Constantine

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NBC released the first picture of Matt Ryan as John Constantine, the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective.


‘Spongebob’ Meets ‘Watchmen’ Is An Interesting Peek Into Alan Moore’s Nightmares

By | 5 Comments

'Spongemen Squarewatch' shows there is an infection in Bikini Bottom and the only cure is to unleash the darkness inside. Also crabby patties.

Alan Moore

NBC Chooses The New ‘Constantine’, And It Isn’t Keanu Reeves

By | 4 Comments

NBC chooses a lead actor for 'Constantine', based on the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective John Constantine.

Alan Moore

NBC Is Conjuring A Pilot For The ‘Constantine’ TV Show

By | 18 Comments

NBC has ordered a pilot episode for 'Constantine', based on the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective John Constantine.

Alan Moore

DC Comics And David Goyer Conjure A John Constantine TV Show At NBC

By | 14 Comments

NBC has picked up a Warner/DC adaptation of 'Constantine', based on the cynical British con-man and magician turned supernatural detective John Constantine.


Alan Moore Clarifies, ‘I’m Not The Northampton Clown, But It Might Be My Fault’

By | 10 Comments

Alan Moore -- who wrote 'The Watchmen' when he wasn't busy being a Mall Santa / Rasputin impersonator -- goes on record about the Northampton Clown.


So, Alan Moore Might Have Secretly Had Batman Kill The Joker

By | 50 Comments

You'll never look at 'The Killing Joke' the same way again...

Alan Moore

4 Other Video Games From Acclaimed Comic Book Writers That Need To Happen

By | 20 Comments

If Neil Gaiman can make a game, other dark-theme obsessed comic book writers can too!


Fox Orders A ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ TV Pilot Whether Alan Moore Likes It Or Not

By | 16 Comments

Fox has made a "put pilot" commitment to a TV series based on Alan Moore's 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.'


Grant Morrison To Alan Moore: Shut Up And Stop Whining

By | 32 Comments

Grant Morrison performs a precise, polite takedown of a comics legend.


‘V For Vendetta’ Writer Alan Moore Recorded A Song In Support Of The Occupy Movement


Alan Moore, author of "Watchmen" and "V For Vendetta," has released a single in support of the Occupy movement and Anonymous, in time for Guy Fawkes' night.


Alan Moore Bitching About Sales And Editorial Hamfistedness… In 1983


Got a complaint about comics? Alan Moore beat you to it.

Alan Moore

Holy Crap, DC Might Actually Be Doing ‘Twilight of The Superheroes’

By | 3 Comments

'Twilight of the Superheroes' might be happening. Well, sorta.


Alan Moore Turned Down $2 Million Instead Of Endorsing 'Before Watchmen'?

By | 8 Comments

Alan Moore -- 'Watchmen' co-creator, writer, wizard, mall Santa, Rasputin impersonator -- talks about the empowerment of not selling out.


Alan Moore Takes Time Off From Complaining About Movies to Make Some of His Own


Alan Moore tends to be pretty grumpy about his stuff being made into movies, because well, he tends to be grumpy about most things, but also because most of the movies based on his work have ranged from bad to really goddamn f--king bad.


First Look Inside ‘Before Watchmen’. Haters Gonna Hate.

By | 10 Comments

<a href="">Buzzfeed</a> landed a sneak peek of <a href="">Before Watchmen</a> at DC Comics headquarters.


Alan Moore Sez — “Stealing is Good, Adapting is Evil, Stop Asking Me About the Goddamn Watchmen”

By | 6 Comments

So, Alan Moore is upset that DC is reviving "his" characters (that are owned by someone else, and based on other people's creations) in their upcoming Before Watchmen books.

Alan Moore

30 Funny, Catty, and Bitter Twitter Reactions To DC’s “Before Watchmen” Announcement

By | 3 Comments

Upon hearing that DC Comics is releasing <a href="">prequels to Watchmen</a>, members of Twitter were predictably catty.


Alan Moore On The Watchman Prequels: “Completely Shameless”

By | 9 Comments

Yesterday DC Comics announced "Before Watchmen", a set of prequels to Watchmen being made without the involvement of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (details and all the cover art released so far available <a href="">here</a>).

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