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Accompanied by Darth Vader & Storm Troopers, George Lucas's daughter beats up a 45-year-old woman

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It's not the first time we've covered it, so by now you should know that Amanda Lucas, Star Wars George's 30-year-old daughter (according to legend, he pulled her fully formed out of the pouch under his chin) could probably kick your ass.


Video: George Lucas’s Daughter Beats Up a Japanese Chick

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(fight starts at 4:30) We've discussed her before, but to refresh your memory, George Lucas's daughter, Amanda, is a jiu-jitsu purple belt training out of Fairtex and Gilbert Melendez's gym here in San Francisco.


George Lucas’ daughter’s MMA fight cancelled on account of fatness

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Add to the list of reasons you shouldn't be so harsh on George Lucas the fact that his daughter could probably kick your ass.

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