That Study Claiming Marijuana Is 114 Times Safer Than Alcohol Is A Bit Overhyped

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Marijuana is supposed "114 times safer" than alcohol. But it turns out, when you read the study, there are some caveats to that statement.

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Science Says That Men Who Lose Their Balls Might Live Many Years Longer

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A new report cites multiple studies that link castration to living a longer life, but some scientists aren't so sure. Also one writer.

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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Thinks Activision And A Murderous Dictator Are The Same Thing

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Mika Brzezinski is apparently a neuroscientist, and knows video games are bad for you. Honest.

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Cringe-Inducing Study Claims Video Games Make You Racist

By | 30 Comments

You wouldn't think four respected academics would conclude video games make you racist if they starred a Black character. And yet!


WoW Is Ruining Your Relationship, Say BYU Researchers

By | 6 Comments

Researchers at Brigham Young University studied video games recently, and we're sure you'll be shocked to discover that if you spend too much time engaged in any solo activity, instead of spending time with your significant other, they get a little ticked off at you.


Hardcore Gaming Rewires Your Brain According To Bad Science

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In the latest story we're sure anti-gaming trolls will barf up to prove that media they don't like is bad, a bunch of Chinese scientists submitted a badly done study that amazingly happens to agree with the Chinese government that video games are bad for you and make you prone to making bad decisions.

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