MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Thinks Activision And A Murderous Dictator Are The Same Thing

Yesterday, we told you that Manuel Noriega is suing Activision. Today, MSNBC covered it, and Mika Brzezinski was kind enough to inform us that Activision is just as bad as a convicted murderer and tyrant.

Just in case you’re not thoroughly annoyed, Brzezinski went on to state that video games cause brain damage. Her co-host, Joe Scarborough, meanwhile basically revealed he’s every annoying gamer joke rolled into a big fat bundle, so we’ve got the full range of newscaster silliness here.

In case you were wondering, there’s no actual scientific evidence that video games cause brain damage, being as most studies that claim the contrary are questionable at best. Really, if you think about it, the concept is ridiculous; if that were the case, watching television would also cause brain damage.

But, in the interests of fairness and journalism, we decided to do some research and see if Activision really was as reprehensible as Manuel Noriega. Noriega’s a convicted murderer, drug lord, racketeer, and money launderer, as we detailed in our post yesterday.

Activision, meanwhile, let’s see here… uhhhhh… supposedly they take confidentiality a little too far? Maybe? But who knows? Perhaps Brzezinski is onto something. Perhaps Bobby Kotick is the head of a vast, criminal underground that poses as game developers but really engages against crimes against humanity in order to sell more Call of Duty games. Perhaps he’s the secret power behind all the evil in the world!

Hey, it could happen. Maybe Brzezinski could try and do some actual reporting for us, instead of coughing up tired old cliches, and find out.