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The Best Non-Rap Albums You Should’ve Heard In 2014

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Everything we loved from outside the Hip-Hop world in 2014

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A Man Penned A Furious Open Letter To Russell Brand After The Actor’s Protest Ruined His Lunch

By | 27 Comments

A man working at the Royal Bank of Scotland wrote a furious open letter to Russell Brand, whose latest protest antics ruined his lunch.


OnCue – “Closer”


Cuey aims for the ladies on this slick Shlohmo x BANKS flip.

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Meet The ‘Rock Star’ Who Swindled Banks Out Of $11 Million So His Band Could Suck

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Rob Mawhinney wanted his band, Lights Over Paris, to be huge so he scammed four banks out of $11 million so they could live the rock star life.


The ‘Daily Show’ Illuminates The Striking Difference Between American & Canadian Banks

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You may want to sit down for this hilarious but sad Daily Show segment on the differences between America and Canada when it comes to banks.

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Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week


The best new tracks of the week, including released by the Postal Service, Banks, Savages, and more.


Shady Grove Financial: Your Least Worst Option


They're the least mistrustworthy bank in finance, and they sure are honest about it.


How’d You Like A Free Home Mortgage?


Adzookie is a brand new advertising firm that has already drawn considerable interest and scorn for its first major marketing campaign.

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