Ludacris Feat. Trey Songz – “Sex Room” Video

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Luda's Battle Of The Sexes came and went like a one night stand, barely leaving a hickey on your iPod.

The Week That Was

The Week That Was: The Back To The Grind Edition

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While some of the crew came back from Austin rejuvenated, full of vim and vigor and ready to write.


Ludacris & The Ladies – “My Chick Bad” Remix Video

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As they drain the last bit of energy left in this song, Diamond, Trina & Eve join Luda for the remix video of "My Chick.


“Sex Room” – Review Of Ludacris’ Battle Of The Sexes

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For an album that teetered on the edge of the dumpster bin, Battle of the Sexes delivers a polished final product of big beat party anthems.


Ludacris Feat. Nicki Minaj – “My Chick Bad” Video

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Ludacris and Nicki Scissorshands go blow for blow in what is allegedly the best track on Battle Of The Sexes.


Ludacris Feat. Lil Kim & Lil Fate – “Hey Ho”

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It's apparent Luda's favorite word is ho, so a whore-ific track on the upcoming Battle Of The Sexes was inevitable.

Nicki Minaj

Ludacris Feat. Nicki Minaj – “My Chick Bad”

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Pic swiped from Fresh In many ways, it's good that Ludacris moved Battle Of The Sexes from focusing on one co-host to inviting appearances from multiple inhabitants from the planet of Venus.


Ludacris Feat. Ciara & Pitbull – “How Low” (Remix)

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The world's reigning twerk anthem is revamped yet again to make room for Princess Cici and Mr. 305.


Ludacris Feat. Twista & Rick Ross – “How Low” (Remix)

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Remember back about four years when if a rapper needed to enhance a hot remix, the only MC called was Mr. Tung Twista himself.


Ludacris – “How Low” Video

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This video < Team Twerk's version but for formality purposes, Luda recruits some Cooler-worthy breezies for his latest smash.


Ludacris – Conjure: A Hustler’s Spirit Mixtape

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Ludajuice may be a pyramid scam beverage nourishing for the body but Conjure is the drank that gives Ludacris his lyrical tenacity to stay ahead of the game in this new decade.


Ludacris And Shawnna – “Everybody Drunk”

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If you aren't in the know, a few underrated rappers named Ludacris and Shawnna (Yea, I said it.

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