Here’s What The Perfect Female Body Looks Like, According To The Very Different Opinions Of Men And Women

What does the perfect female body look like? And how do the preferences of a typical man differentiate from those of the standard woman? Those are the questions lingerie brand Bluebella tried to answer by polling both genders about the famous physical attributes of female celebrities.

According to the data, men clearly prefer, ahem, “sturdier” curves (Kim Kardashian’s breasts and Kelly Brook’s hips), while the ladies like to see women with slighter builds (Jennifer Aniston’s breasts and Emma Watson’s hips). Above the neck, men want to see Scarlett Johansson’s hair on Megan Fox’s face, while women think Kate Middleton’s sleeker mane would look nice resting over Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows.

Here are some composite images of what each gender’s preferred Franken-celeb might look like:

Bluebella conducted a similar poll for the male body, and the two sides seem to agree more when it comes to the idealized man. Both genders seem to prefer a muscular build, with men (again) preferring slightly more bulk. Here what each sex wants to see in a man’s body (the biggest discrepancy seems to be… hair length).

Bluebella via The Fashion Blog