Let This Local Reporter’s Thumb Show You The First Blooper Of The NCAA Tournament


WJAR reporter Frank Carpano had a little mix-up reporting the Providence Friars' Big East Tournament win that is sending them to the NCAA Tournament.


Here’s Everything You Should Know About The 2013 College Football Season (And Then Some)

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Two days, man, two days--that's how long college football fans have to wait until UNC and South Carolina kick off the 2013 college football at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia on Thursday evening.


The Butler Bulldog Continues To Be The Best Mascot In Any Sport Ever

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As the one-time proud adoptive papa of an English Bulldog, I can tell you with slobbery and really gassy confidence that there are few greater joys in this world than watching one chase a basketball across a hardwood floor.


Hear That? It’s The Big East’s Death Rattle

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After news broke that Syracuse and Pitt were leaving the Big East for the greener pastures of the ACC, it seemed like the Big East might need to make some big moves to remain relevant and especially maintain its BCS status.


Conference Realignments, Sucker Punches & Salary Caps

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One of the biggest sports weekends of the year may have left us with more questions than it answered.


Watch Rutgers Get Screwed Out Of The Big East Tournament

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The Big East conference could make an argument for sending as many as 11 teams to the NCAA tournament, which starts next week.


Texas Is The New East Coast

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Texas Christian University has accepted to the Big East conference, effective at the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, according to reports citing sources close to the industry.


Georgetown will challenge Duke for national supremacy in 2011

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Ask yourself: How many people had Duke as a preseason national title favorite last year.


The Big East Wants to Take the Big 12 to Applebee’s, Get To Second Base

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The Big 12 has saved itself from the threat of extinction, and Big East Commissioner John Marinatto could not be happier.



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Ben Maller, citing an unnamed source, is reporting that the University of Pittsburgh is joining the Big Ten conference, that it's a done deal and that some announcement will be coming down the pike on Thursday.

Terrence Williams

Louisville will win it all

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Conference tournaments haven't yet wrapped up, and the NCAA Tournament Selection Show is still hours away, but I don't have to wait for the seeding: Louisville is my pick to win the 2009 national championship. When it comes to the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the Big Dance in recent years, parity across the board has created a climate where it's not so much who has the most talent, but who gets hot at the right time and who can channel that "We (Heart) Haters" motivation effectively.

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