The Entire Bill Hicks Catalog Is Being Re-Released Starting In March

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Comedy Dynamics has acquired the Bill Hicks estate and will start releasing it next month.

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Introduce Yourself To The Insane Theory That Proves Alex Jones Is Really Bill Hicks

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An online video has sparked an insane debate over the possibility that radio host Alex Jones is actually late comedian Bill Hicks.

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Watch Jerry Seinfeld Destroy Advertising At The Industry’s Biggest Awards Ceremony

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Jerry Seinfeld delivers a damning speech to the very people who gave him an honorary award.


Patton Oswalt Penned An Insightful Look Back On The Career Of Bill Hicks

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Patton Oswalt provided the best possible look at the career of Bill Hicks on the 20th anniversary of his passing.

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5 Bill Hicks Stand Up Bits That Everyone Should Know On The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

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Bill Hicks passed away 20 years ago today. Let's remember him for his 5 most legendary bits.


Russell Crowe to make Bill Hicks biopic his directorial debut. Wait, what?

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Bill Hicks was a legendary American comic who was always more famous in England and Europe than he was in the US (mainly from touring there in the early nineties).

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4.28 The Cooler

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According to a short article in the Sydney Morning Herald, Russell Crowe's next project will be a biopic of legendary comedian Bill Hicks.

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