We Got Now

P. Blackk – Blackk Friday Mixtape


While you were out burning off the Turkey Day calories with a little extravagant shopping, P. Blackk was organizing a community block watch in Blackk Friday, his new militant offering which showcases exclusive production from iYeball of Fly.

The Greater Than Club 2

Fly.Union – “Gone”


I come to you all, bearing good news for all the Fly.Union fans and stans across the land.

P. Blackk

P. Blackk – “Brainz” x “Anim Blakyaw” Videos

Militancy will get you noticed but skill will push you to that next step.

We Got Now

P. Blackk – “Anim Blakyaw”

The title may look like Pig Latin but P.

We Got Now

P. Blackk Feat. Raz Fresco – “EAZY!”

When you have youth and talent in your favor, it's not difficult to make a coveted skill look effortless.

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