DC Comics Thinks They’re ‘All Good’ With Bill Finger’s Family. Bill Finger’s Family Disagrees.


Bill Finger is the uncredited co-creator of Batman. DC thinks that's all good. Bill Finger's family, not so much...


The 10 Best Episodes Of “Batman: The Animated Series”


Words By Dr Hip-Hop | @DrHipHop85 The 1990s redefined the American action cartoon.


The 1930 Film Noir Inspiration For ‘Batman’ Might Just Blow Your Mind


YouTube mashup artist and UPROXX reader Rob Hebert emailed us a link to this video he made after reading that The Bat Whispers, a 1930 noir thriller, is thought to have been Bob Kane's inspiration for Batman.


Hollywood Has Officially Hit The Bottom Of The Cartoon Barrel — Bob Kane’s ‘Courageous Cat’ To Become a Movie


Bob Kane may have co-created Batman, but the cartoon he "created", Courageous Cat, is still crap. That isn't stopping Hollywood from making it into a movie.


The Joker Stole Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Report Card

Earlier this week we reported Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing "John Blake, a Gotham City beat cop assigned to special duty under the command of Commissioner Gordon" in The Dark Knight Rises.

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