Hollywood Has Officially Hit The Bottom Of The Cartoon Barrel — Bob Kane’s ‘Courageous Cat’ To Become a Movie

Hollywood’s obession with making lousy cartoons into somehow even lousier 100-million dollar movies has hit a new desperate low — word is Courageous Cat is going to be made into a movie. Courageous Cat was a lame Batman parody from the 1960s “created” by Bob Kane, the “creator” of Batman. I put those quotation marks around creator because Kane was actually co-creator of Batman with Bill Finger, who Kane screwed out of proper credit before going on to a long, fruitful career of putting his name on things that other people came up with.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see why some suit might think aquiring the rights to Courageous Cat would be a good idea. Bob Kane’s name is attached, and jokes where you replace bat stuff with cat stuff are really easy to write, but the show was really terrible and absolutely nobody remembers it today. If you want to do a bad Batman parody, have the integrity come up with your own, original bad Batman parody.

Or, you know, just buy my spec script “Ratman: The Old Cheese Returns”.

via Deadline New York