The Story Behind Bill Finger’s Long Road To Recognition As Batman’s Co-Creator

Features Writer
03.26.16 3 Comments

This weekend, fans flocking to the movies to see Batman and Superman finally meet on the big screen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may notice something unexpected during the opening credits, particularly those who know a bit about the story behind Batman’s creation. For the first time on the big screen, Batman will be credited as “Created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger,” instead of merely just Kane’s name, as it has always been.

Why the change? Last fall, DC comics was finally able to reach an agreement with the estate of Bill Finger, by way of his granddaughter, Athena, acknowledging his significant role in the creation of one of DC’s most beloved characters. This includes everything from Batman’s trademark cowl, to his alter-ego’s tragic backstory, to the Batmobile, and even members of his rogues gallery, including The Joker and Riddler, all of which are now thought to have been created or co-created by Finger at some point.

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