Boomer Esiason Has A Problem With Daniel Murphy Taking Maternity Leave, People Have A Problem With Boomer

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Boomer Esiason is raising the bar for HOT SPORTS TAKES this week with his ridiculous opinion on Daniel Murphy's maternity leave.


Boomer Esiason Says He’d Cut Tim Tebow (With A Broken Beer Bottle) (Not Really)

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Boomer And Carton In The Morning host and ex-New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason can reference his five years as a radio host, 14 years as a pro football player or 15 years as a television analyist when telling you what he thinks about current Jets back-up handsome Christian Tim Tebow, but why bother.


The Sights, Celebrities And Bikinis Of The 136th Preakness Stakes

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If you weren’t taking inventory of your beef jerky and pornography for the rapture on Saturday, there’s a good chance that you tuned into the 136th annual Preakness Stakes to see Shackleford out-horse the rest of this year’s equine contenders.


Phil Simms Is An Angry Dude

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While interacting with his fans at the NFL Xperience in Dallas, Desmond Howard was confronted by an irate Phil Simms, who has been holding an apparent grudge against Howard since he called Phil's son, Matt Simms, one of the three worst quarterbacks in the SEC.



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Jimmy at Hot Clicks (via Maj) just ruined my childhood.

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