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The First Survivor Of Terminal Brain Cancer Is Not Who You’d Expect

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The first person to survive terminal brain cancer is still dealing with second grade. Meet Claudia Burkill.


An Oregon Teen With Brain Cancer Just Crossed A Strip Club Off His Bucket List. Next Up? A UFC Fight.

By | 17 Comments

A 19-year old brain cancer patient in Oregon is trying to complete his bucket list, and after going to a strip club, he wants to attend a UFC fight next.


Some Kids In Boise Started A Band To Raise Money For Their Friend With Cancer

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Four kids in Boise started a band called The Runaway Hamsters to raise money for cancer research after their friend was diagnosed with brain cancer.


Our Latest Weapon Against Brain Cancer: Scorpion Venom

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A creature so dangerous Israelis gave it the nickname 'The Deathstalker' is helping to fight brain cancer. Because even evil has standards.

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