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STS – Demand More 2

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If you couldn't tell by the leaks or the swagger, <a href="">Sugar Tongue Slim a.k.a. STS</a> has a silky smooth flow but he still believes in pushing the creative boundaries in Hip-Hop to the limit.

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Sugar Tongue Slim Feat. Cassidy & R.L. – “Parachute”

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<a href="">Sugar Tongue Slim's</a> "Parachute" is one of those records that leaves you swaying back and fourth in your chair, clinching your fists and wincing like your bracing for an ensuing tetanus shot.


Cassidy – Apply Pressure 2 Mixtape

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Here's a log to burn on the weekend fire.


1.31 The Cooler

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For The Weekend, Kamille Leai Hipster Trends We Hate [AskMen] David Stern’s Ridiculous “Gun” Hypocrisy [Sports Frog] DJ Khaled Talks Shyne Collaboration, Spits Buju Banton Rhymes [Vibe] Doctors Are Addicted To 'Every Drug Under The Sun' [Telegraph UK] Cancer Cure Can Wait, 3D Porn Comes [...].


“Will The Bloods Kill Blue’s Clues”

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"I Hope the Crips don't kill Clifford cause he a cool dude.


“I Be On The Grind…”

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Admittedly, I'm not too familiar with who <a href="">Black Deniro</a> is, but apparently he has enough pull in Philly to get Gillie The Kid, Cassidy and Beanie Sigel on a track together (Gillie has beefed with both <a href="">Cass</a> and <a href="">Beans</a> in the past, by the way).


Cassidy – Apply Pressure Mixtape

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Yes, that's Carmelo doing the hosting duties, as Cass is on Melo's new label, <a href="">Krossover Entertainment</a> (who says creativity is dead.


“Put A Beat On”

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The high pitched fella from Philly finally found it in his heart to address the battle with Cassidy.

Remy Ma

“One On One”

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Words By David D.


Statik Selektah – “Take It To The Top” Video

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Nice ditty featuring Saigon, Cassidy and Termanology.


Cassidy – Body Bags Remix

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Somebody let Cory Gunz off his leash and that wolverine of a rapper absolutely tore up the first verse like it had just insulted his mother.


DJ Green Lantern And Cassidy – 7-7-08 (Happy Birthday Edition)

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Bringin' this to you a day late, but it's not like music has an expiration date on it.

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