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Tom Brokaw’s Cell Phone Is More Important Than Nonstop Election Coverage

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After his iPhone 6 Plus's siren started blaring during MSNBC's election coverage, Tom Brokaw played it off like the legend that he is.


Chris Matthews Fondly Recalls A Time When Politicians Were Less Stupid On Leno

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Real-life Will McAvoy and opinionated newsman in his own right Chris Matthews was on Leno tonight talking about how politics used to be, back in his day.


Watch John Oliver Take MSNBC Blowhard Chris Matthews To The Woodshed On The ‘Daily Show’

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Has Chris Matthews ever seen the Daily Show? I could swear that he hasn't, based on the fact that he was practically begging them to rip him to shreds.


Watch Stephen Colbert ‘Feast On The Impotent Rage’ Of MSNBC Following Obama’s Flat Debate Performance


Stephen Colbert feasted on Chris Matthews' "impotent rage" last night and it was nothing short of hilarious.

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