War Machine: The Oppression Of Men Is Worse Than Nazi Germany Or Slavery

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War Machine, recently famous for crippling and trying to murder his girlfriend, thinks men's rights problems are worse than slavery.


‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Actor Condones Beating Up Women Who Cheat, Gives Weirdest Apology Ever

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Former President of the Hell's Angels and cast member on 'Sons of Anarchy' Chuck Zito stuck his foot in his mouth and couldn't pry it out.


Kurt Sutter Is a Badass.

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While searching for television news stories this morning, I saw on TMZ that Hell's Angel-turned-actor Chuck Zito had filed a $5 million lawsuit against FX and "Sons of Anarchy," claiming that he had pitched a similar "outlaw biker club" show to FX in 2004 and had an oral contract with the network that should compensate him.

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