The Boston Red Sox Shotgunned Some Beers After Winning Last Night

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The Boston Red Sox players shotgunned some beers after winning the ALDS last night. Well, some of them did.


Video: A Girl Chugged Beer Through Her Ear

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Throughout my formative drinking years, I was never much of a chugger.

Spring Break

Great Spring Break Moments Revisited: Grandma’s Airplane Beer Bong Adventure

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The best part about just f*cking around and starting this Spring Break series to entertain my own ridiculous thoughts, and a few other people, is that people have been sending me videos, with each one being better than the next.


Nick Symmonds > Ryan Lochte

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I have a ton of respect for America’s Olympic athletes, from the young ladies of the Fierce 5 to the members of the Men’s Basketball Team (yes, even LeBron James) and even for a stuttering human meatloaf like Ryan Lochte.

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