True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp, Who Will Totally Fight You


Ze Frank wowed us with indisputably true Morgan Freeman facts. Now he's sharing true facts about the Mantis Shrimp.


Cats Prepared For Battle (And Links)

UPROXX Live Discussion: ‘Comedy Bang.

Willy Wonka

Upstanding Animals And Links

Underwear-clad man stabs computer with samurai sword because it was full of child porn |Film Drunk| Introducing The With Leather Interactive Awesome Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker |With Leather| 7 Early Frontrunners For 2012′s ‘Song of the Summer’ Distinction |UPROXX| Woo Woo.


Prepare For Battle With Inception Keyboard Cat

Radio-Free FilmDrunk: Celebrating Hollywood’s Love Affair With The Cold War |Film Drunk| Goths Up Trees Is Necessary Because There Are So Many Goths Up So Many Trees |UPROXX| Grouping the New ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Contestants by Cultural Relevance |Warming Glow| The Black Keys Trash Nickelback In Rolling Stone, Because Why Not, Right.


Photoshop Challenge: Come At Bane, Bro


Not sure what the delay has been with the Bane "Come at me, bro" photoshops.


Come At These Links, Bro

The 50 Most Entertainingly Craptacular Films of All Time |UPROXX| Best of Always Sunny's Mac and Now Fat Mac |UPROXX| 5 Great Live Rock Albums |TSS| The Best and Worst of WWE Summerslam 2011 |WithLeather| Huzzah.


Hilarious Fail Of The Day: Sony Retweets PS3 Jailbreak Code

Last month Sony successfully got a temporary restraining order against George Hotz (Geohot) for posting a directed a tweet to @TheKevinButler which contained the PS3 jailbreak code and ended with, "Come at me".


Kanye West Makes Snickerdoodles, Michael Caine Impersonates Himself


ABOVE: Fully Validated Kanye West Retires To Quiet Farm In Iowa [via TheOnion] 49-year-old fangsta gets full-back Twilight tattoo, has at least one piece of an impressive cat needlepoint collection [Filmdrunk] A clip from "Got to Dance", a show that should be subtitled, "Do You Have To.

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