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Ninety Years Later, You'll Finally Get To Read J.R.R. Tolkien's Translation Of 'Beowulf'

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The pioneer of modern fantasy finally sees his translation of 'Beowulf' hit the shelves.

Cool Stuff

‘The Last Of Us’ Has A Superb Documentary For You To Watch This Morning


'Grounded: The Making Of 'The Last Of Us'' is finally available for people who didn't shell out for a season pass.

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19-Year-Old Invents Way To Clean The Ocean Of Plastic Garbage

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The Ocean Cleanup Array may just save our asses. Or at least make for better sushi.

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A Computer On Your Keychain: A Week With Android Computers Built For TVs

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We spent a week with the Pocket TV and The Equiso. Both are compelling, but neither are quite ready for prime time.

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Guy Builds Functioning LEGO Gears of War Lancer, Stays Indoors (Video)


I'd be lying if I didn't say that I've been spending a lot of time indoor lately, shredding apart enemies in Gears of War 3.


Sucker Punch Zombie Army Animated Short: The Trenches (Video)

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Once upon a time, there was a filmmaker named Zack Snyder who wrote and directed a small, low budget, art house piece called <a href="">Sucker Punch</a>.

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High-Speed Footage of Sh-t Blowing Up

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According to the countless hours of scientific research that I have not conducted, one could theorize that the internet users of today would much rather watch videos of sh-t blowing up than to have to endure the further unintelligible ramblings of an internet blogger.

Cool Stuff


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Today is 4/20, meaning probably 40% of the people reading this are super high right now.

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