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Jon Stewart Gave Fox News Another Musical ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Last Night

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Once again aided by a gospel choir, Jon Stewart delivered a message to Fox News last night: "Go f*ck yourself."

‘The Daily Show’ Shed Light On A Mysterious Google Project Last Night

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What's up with those giant barges Google has floating outside San Francisco and Portland, Maine that even the Coast Guard won't talk about? The Daily Show investigates.

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The ‘Daily Show’ Sent Actors Posing As A Gay Couple To Alabama & Mississippi. Hilarity & Surprise Ensued.

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Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal summed it up well when he said, "Alabama might as well be blowing Mississippi right now."


Don Yelton, The Racist-y GOP Official Featured On The ‘Daily Show’, Has Resigned, But He Ain’t Sorry

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This week the Daily Show made Don Yelton famous. Now he's been forced to resign his post within the Republican party, but he has no regrets.


Possibly Racist GOP Executive Committee Member On The ‘Daily Show’: ‘One Of My Best Friends Is Black’

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Last night the Daily Show ran a piece on the slew of new "anti-voter fraud" legislation being passed in the South. Meet Don Yelton, one of the men behind it.

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Jon Stewart Takes Karl Rove & John McCain To The Woodshed For Complaining About The Tea Party

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John McCain and Karl Rove are not happy about the Tea Party's influence in American politics. Jon Stewart would like to remind them who's responsible.

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Jon Stewart taking an 12-week hiatus to direct a movie. Whaa?

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That's right, Jon Stewart is going to be a film director.

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Shoot, I guess that *wasn’t* Jon Stewart moshing to Dead Kennedys

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If our commenters are to be believed, Jon Stewart DID attend plenty of punk shows in the 80s, but according to what seems like fairly solid<a href="" target="_blank"> research by RVAMag</a>, the above picture purported to Jon Stewart at a Dead Kennedys show is actually of Red Cross/Prevaricators bassist Alford Faulkner.


Jon Stewart moshing to Dead Kennedys in the 80s

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I usually don't post on Fridays after Weekend Movie Guide goes up, and I usually leave the Jon Stewart stuff to the TV bloggers, but I couldn't not post this.

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Thank God Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars, because I love any excuse to post Daily Show clips.

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