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Jelani Day – “The Love Messages”


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Dapper Dan: Hip-Hop’s Original Tailor

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Pharrell's BBC, Kanye's "Hip-Hop Shirt," rap's affinity for classy shades and belts can all trace their lineage to <a href="">Dapper Dan</a>.


Dapper Dan Explains Designing Floyd Mayweather’s Ring Attire

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Prior to last night's fight, famed Harlem designer Dapper Dan shares with <a href="">Complex</a> how he works with "Money" Mayweather to create the exotic, custom looks the boxer wears into the ring.


Fashion Icon Dapper Dan Discusses Harlem, History & Infuences With Life+Times

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With the launch of Jay-Z's <a href="">Life+Times YouTube channel</a>, we wondered what type of content would stock the channel.

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